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February 24, 2013
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M.A app - Seamus by mrSketchy M.A app - Seamus by mrSketchy
Name: Seamus Ortohol

Age: 26

Species: Light Mage

Class: Freshman

Glamor Item: Enchanted Scarf

Natural Weapons: Light Magic

Trained Weapons: None

Best Class: Mystics and Magic

Worst Class: M.P.E (but he's extremely keen!)

:bulletred: low body temperature - highly reactive to ice magics and cold climates
:bulletred: low physique
:bulletred: low physical speed
:bulletred: body is motionless and unable to act when in spectral mode
:bulletred: when in spectral mode body goes into meditive state where heart slows and breathing stops
:bulletred: cannot stay in spectral mode for more than 15 minutes
:bulletred: no physical ability to attack or defend
:bulletred: body is a shell and able to be possessed easily when spectre is detached

:bulletgreen: highly impervious to physical attacks
:bulletgreen: high magical defence
:bulletgreen: high magical/spectral speed
:bulletgreen: fast rate magical healing

Minor Skills:
Magic: Light
Specialty: reflection

:bulletblue: Sol has the ability to see the true form of others despite Glamour appearances.
:bulletblue: Ability to enter any reflective surface as a two dimensional spectre
:bulletblue: Ability to reflect attacks back at their origin
:bulletblue: blinding lights and flames for distraction and blindness


:bulletyellow: can speak both German and English
:bulletyellow: spectre is a positive energy to animals and children
:bulletyellow: able to use magical resonance to communicate to animals or babies
:bulletyellow: high resilience to poisons or bad food
:bulletyellow: able to make fun of himself for his 'predicament'
:bulletyellow: no matter what can still find something about himself that he can be proud of (this can also be used to make other people feel better about themselves)


Born and raised in Baden-Württemberg with his two younger sisters and father, would often use their hidden skills in alternative medicine, specializing in curing blindness and treating neurological disorders such as photosensitive epilepsy and migranes to any human and magical folk who payed a high enough price.

The rare magics of Seamus' family is spread throughout the world and mostly responsible for Auroras commonly viewed by humans when there is a young light mage in training they are taken to remote high rise mountains to conceal themselves until they are able to adequately wield their power among humans without been found out. (This would be done by wielding certain frequencies of light that are discernible to the human eye.

Seamus had only begun his secondary training atop the mountain range between Hoher-ifen and Biberkopf until one night when sighting a foreign aurora from what he had imagined to be his late mother he attempted to scale the mountain side alone and ill-equipped for the midwinter blizzard that had appeared out of nowhere.

Using all his light energy attempting to warm himself, Seamus' soul had unwittingly released a distress call to any and all creatures in the area. Attracting a vampiric entity that came close to devouring his magical essence until Seamus' father interviened, having sensed the distress signal.

Finding that more and more carnivorous creatures were appearing atop the mountain ranges, Seamus' father had decided to send his child, who had still yet to recover from his spiritual maiming, to Monster Academy.

A less traditional but safer way for him to finish his training and maybe find a way to make himself whole once more.

Spectral Form:

Due to the accident with a vampiric soul eater, Seamus' soul has been torn from his body and is only tied through a magical silk scarf. His body which needs constant surveillance and direction to make sure he doesn't get hurt has further runes painted on magic scrolls to help anchor his soul and allow momentary possession by his - or other less friendly - spirits

Spectral soul is unraveled from body and is able to reach a two metre radius around Seamus via connection through scarf, if he reaches any further his body becomes lifeless and has 15 minutes until this state is permanent and needs revival.

When detached his soul is only visible to those with magical ability and otherwise appears as a flickering candle light.

Able to enter mirrors, water and other reflective surfaces, Seamus' spectre is best suited for information gathering and spying behavior.

Been rather abrasive in nature, Seamus often bullies anyone he deems worthy to befriend.

:iconkalubpupeyesplz: Kalub 'Foxboy'/'Sly' - roommate and cuddle buddy
:iconharukeunhappyplz: Haruke 'Cat'/'Hairball' - begrudging friend
Ceph 'Mutt' - begrudging friend
:iconkurodanielplz: Kuro 'Scales' - aquaintance

Note to all Teachers: often he will appear to sleep in class or not pay attention but that is only his body been a fat useless sack of meat, the spectre is indeed listening to your lectures as he wants to reverse the effects of his predicament and reconnect with his body permanently.
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MinuteOfTime Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
His face is like fuck it i am a mage :I XDDDD it is so adoreble
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*sees that he's bad in cold places*
|D We have two full-fledged phoenixes in the academy and multiple fire users. However, I sacrifice my grumpier-than-Hell phoenix for your character.

In words that are less subtle, can we rp?/shotdead
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